Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the show dates for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2020?

   23rd and 24th October 2020

  • What positions are still needing to be filled?


 During a show there are many roles that played backstage that are vital to making a show a success.  Some of the positions we still need help with are:

  • Backstage crew.  Moving scenery and props during the shows.  Helping actors get to their correct  place on time.

  • Hair.  Help with getting the cast's hair ready before and during the show

  • Make up.  Helping apply make up to the cast before and during the show.

  • Making costumes.  We have a team of people who make the costumes.  

  • Making props.  We have a team of people who make the props that are needed for the show.

  • Marketing.  We need help to advertise the show.

  • Sponsorship.  In order to put the show on we will need to raise corporate sponsorship so that we can keep the cost of tickets down.

If any of these roles fit you, please email us directly at

  • When will we have the technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal?

The technical rehearsal will be on 21st October.  This is a long and somewhat tedious day long rehearsal.  Pack lots of patience and snacks.  We will be working on lighting set, props, entrances, exits, dance numbers and the rest of the play too.  A sense of humour is essential!

The dress rehearsal will be on the 22nd October, this will be the chance to run the show in full costume, with all set, props, lighting and sound working in perfect harmony .... hopefully :)

Both of these rehearsals are MANDATORY for ALL CAST!

  • What is the minimum age of performers?

   The minimum age is 7 years old.

  • What do the auditions involve?

  Acting auditions for the ensemble will involve small workshop style exercises.  For the main roles you will be asked to read and act out small extracts from     the musical with others auditioning.

  Singing auditions will need to be prepared for in advance.  You should be prepared to sing a song from a musical.  Please bring with you a backing track       (YouTube karaoke/usb backing track/somebody to accompany you on piano).  A piano will be present at the audition.

  Dancing auditions will not need any preparation, however please arrive fully warmed up.  You will be asked to learn a small piece of choreographed dance.


  • Is there a membership fee for the show?

  Yes, there will be a show membership fee of 20 Euros for adults and 10 Euros for children.  Premiere Group is a non-profit organization, so all membership     fees will go towards the very high cost of putting on a show of West End quality.  Our costs for the performances include costumes, set, rental of Pattihio        theatre, sound, lighting and performance rights.


  • When are membership fees paid?

  Membership fees are paid at the first rehearsal.

  • When and where will the rehearsals be held?

  Rehearsals will likely be once during the week in the evening for the main cast. Nearer towards the show, rehearsals will increase to twice a week and in the   week of the show you must be available for dress and technical rehearsals.  Saturday afternoon rehearsals will involve ensemble actors, these will be the        chance to learn the songs, dance routines and add action to the scenes.  They are a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.  Sometimes the rehearsals will take   place at Free Flight Dance Centre, at Anixeos 24, 3110, Limassol.


  • When will I find out my audition results?

  Premiere Group will endeavour to inform you within a week.  Call backs may be held a week later.  More auditions might take place in September    depending on if we have filled all the roles.

  • What happens with the tickets I bought for the April shows?

If you purchased tickets through or Pattihio box office all tickets will be automatically transferred to the corresponding week night and time that you had bought for April.  For example:  If you bought 2 tickets for Friday 3rd April at 8pm, your transferred tickets will be the same seats for the Friday 23rd October 2020 performance at 8pm.  Tickethour should send you an email confirmation of the new dates of your tickets.  Alternatively refunds can be requested from Tickethour or the box office respectively


  • Anything else I need to know?

  If you are passionate about performing, then we’d love to meet you.  If you pass the auditions, full commitment to rehearsals is needed to make this a show   to remember!



  Get Involved:

  We have a number of areas to get involved in off-stage for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:


  • Backstage Crew

  • Hair & Make-Up Team  (inc.  special effects makeup)

  • Costumes Team

  • Props Team

  • Promotions Team

  • Sponsorship Team

  • Chitty Team

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  • Visit our website regularly

  If you are interested, please email us your name, contact details and any background experience you have (not essential but it helps!)