Premiere Group

 Musical theatre in the community

Established in 1996 by friends Hovig Nassanian and Daniel Chorbadjian, Premiere Group has been active in the community for 24 years.  Using musical theatre as its starting point they also organised pantomimes, talent shows, picnics, christmas carol singing in elderly care facilities and other community building events.  They have discovered that theatre has the power to unite and encourage.  It strengthens relationships and allows people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities to create something powerful and inspiring as a team.   

  Our hope is that we can motivate and involve not only this generation but also the next to dream, unite and above all be creative, for it is our artistry that makes us truly human.  Art sets us apart from technology, it is the part of our humanity that cannot be replicated, the stroke of genius in our creation.  We hope that our theatre brings a flourish of light into the dark, and cold world we sometimes find ourselves in.

In all its activities, Premiere Group strives for:

  • Excellence

  • Fun for all the family

  • Moral values​

  • Developing member skills

  • Promoting friendship

  • Positive working environment

  • International diversity


Our  'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' Team



Hovig Nassanian 

Daniel Chorbadjian


Janet Yianni

Assistant Director

Sharon Chorbadjian


Sharon Chorbadjian

Daniel Chorbadjian

Natalie Sey

Musical Director

Linda Economides


Sharon Montague